Jewellery With Positive Vibes

Everything is vibration and energy. Under our feet and around us the minerals are everywhere vibrating - from the stars in the sky to the hardware network of your mobile phone. Crystals are everywhere, as part of living nature, in harmony with all elements Earth, Fire, Wind, Wood and Water. Let the magic come into your life.


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We make all our pieces by hand and with love.

About TMC Jewellery

My name is Tâmara Castelo, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, I am a specialist in healthy eating and a professional hyperactive. TMC jewellery was born from my connection with energy and vibes of the crystals and my love for handmade, raw and naked, simple and unique jewels. Matilde Fernandes is the responsible jeweler, who forges each of our rings and each of our pieces. We believe living with positive vibration turns everything around us into positive and harmonious.

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Lisbon, Portugal

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